3 New photo and video accessories are released by Moment

Accessories maker Moment has announced a number of new MagSafe adapters to complete the family.

The first is a support to facilitate the mounting of microphones, lenses and lights on iPhone during filming and video recording this accessory is the Mobile Filmmaker Cage.

This accessory, has places for cable maintenance, is made of aluminum and can stand upright.

The Strap Anywhere Mount is the second accessory, it is a support that allows you to connect the iPhone to a number of equipment, especially gym equipment, for exercise bikes, it is a rounded object to make it easier for you to work with your hands free.

The third and final accessory is a cheaper sticker from Moment's new accessory series. This sticker attaches the back of the iPhone and gives it MagSafe capabilities, which were originally available on the iPhone 12 and 13.

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Moment says that all of their accessories are equipped with a magnet (M) force which is very strong.

With the launch of these three new products, Moment has also updated the Wall Mount and Car Vent Mount accessories with improved, adjustable, ball heads.

All these accessories are already on sale.


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