Analyst suggests to Apple a new version of HomePod

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested to Apple a new version of the HomePod and that the new design not be radical.

There is rampant speculation about wanting to revamp the product after Apple discontinued the full-size HomePod.

Analyst Ming Chi Kuo reported and suggested in his tweet that Apple could release a new version of the HomePod in late 2022 or early 2023.

In November 2020 the mini HomePod was released

Ming just didn't describe what this HomePod would look like, or how it would be different from the mini HomePod already on the market. He just said that Apple is trying to figure out how to succeed in the business of smart speakers.

Since November 2020 was the launch of the mini HomePod, it has not had an update, with the exception of the addition of new colors.

New rumors propose to Apple that any launch yours, that it is at least a new change to the product and not a new color.

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In the tweet Kuo has been very active, but he doesn't specify exactly where the data analysis ends and where the speculation begins.

In the past, his analyst input has proven to be essential, but lately Kuo is prone to missing specific details on a device's feature set.

There are rumors surrounding this Apple speaker that include a well-priced HomePod, and a large HomePod soundbar that doubles as a Apple TV and a HomePod with a screen.

But judging by Kuo's comment, the device might just be a simple HomePod relaunch.

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