The best radio apps without internet

It has happened to several people on the internet off the air and I wanted to listen to a good radio for free. Today this article is dedicated about offline radio app.

The last email we received asking for support that could help apple users: How to download radio that doesn't need internet?

We all love playing with our smartphones, using different apps. Music, games, social media and the possibilities are endless!

But what happens when you don't have internet? Do not fear! We found the best radio apps.

What is the FM radio app that doesn't need internet?

It has been some time since we researched and used some radios that do not need access to the Internet. I did a search for apps to listen to radio without internet.

If you are still in doubt if you have any app offline radio learn now how to download radio on mobile.

Advantages of listening to the radio without the internet

Currently, it is not uncommon for a telephone company to belong to a number of unlimited internet services, and the new smartphone models no longer have native radio and this is perfect for these companies, as they want to sell more of their unlimited internet packages, but today you will meet more than one radio app that doesn't need internet.

At times some of these online radio systems manage to consume a large part of your data packet.

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Olisten to the radio without internet
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But there are still applications that allow us to enjoy some radios offline and without any restrictions and we can download them at any time.

So which radio app that doesn't spend internet?

Once you install one of these applications, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Be informed of the news.

Listen song anywhere, anytime.

Enjoy your favorite stations.

The best apps to listen to radio without internet on Android and iPhone

Below we will list some of the best apps to listen to FM radio without Internet and I will explain how to activate radio on mobile. Get access to the best Android offline radio app too.

These are the best apps and perfect for those who are always on the go, and listen to their favorite music without interruptions.

Heads up: Some of these Apps also work for English music and in this case the search would be music streaming platforms.

So let's explain how to listen to radio on iPhone offline.

Is there a way to listen to radio on iPhone without internet?

VOX Radio – Live Station

With this free radio application you will be able to enjoy programming with more than 30,000 radio stations all over the world without the need for any kind of internet connection. This app is available for iOS device. It has a very well-crafted and powerful interface with the intention of improving the user experience.

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This app divides the stations by countries, so you will have to select the country where you are or where you want to listen to the radio, you can also filter the results by categories.

You may download the app here:

App to listen to radio offline NextRadio – Free FM Radio

This is one of the most downloaded apps on Android, it gives you the possibility to listen to local radio stations without having to have some kind of Internet connection. This app is free, but sometimes there are some annoying ads that you will need to close, but nothing serious.

One of the most notable features is that it allows you to listen to FM radio stations in two different ways. The first one is through the FM receiver chip, as long as it is activated, allowing greater battery savings. The second method is listening in “emergency mode”, that means you can listen to radio stations.

Download the app here:

TuneIn Radio: sports, news, music and podcasts

This is one of the most famous apps to listen to music from AM and FM radio stations all over the world. In this app you will find more than 100,000 radio stations. In this we consider the best offline FM radio app.

When you access it, you'll find two versions, a free one where some ads appear and a Premium one, where these ads are removed, in addition to being able to enjoy other benefits.

Get the app:

Another popular option is iTunes radio online.

Now you just have to choose your radio application that doesn't need internet.

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