Apple announces US$ 50 million fund for employee development

This new Apple initiative will further empower employees in its supply chain, in the US, China, India and Vietnam right now.

A part of Apple's investment will work in partnership with the (IOM) International Organization for Migration and the (ILO) International Labor Organization.

This United Nations agency that defends workers' rights will create new training programs, empowering its employees and ensuring a safe and respectful work environment for all.

This new partnership with the ILO promotes labor rights that are fundamental to supply the electronics chain.

Apple is also investing in a new initiative that is the clarification of the labor rights training program throughout its supply chain.

Expand work with the IOM to scale the responsible recruiting toolkit that was developed by Apple and partnered with the IOM.

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Soon Apple's supply chain will be open source, for all sectors of the company.

Raise awareness of worker hotlines to develop communication platforms for supplier employees to communicate about their issues in their workplace.

Apple expects more than 100,000 supplier employees to participate in the new job opportunity by 2023.

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