Apple iPhone SE vs Apple iPhone 11 which is better?

Is there really any difference between these two Apple smartphone models?

If you're not sure which is the best iPhone to buy, check out this comparison. Or if you are in doubt which is the best cell phone sales site, read to the end.

Which iPhone is worth buying? iPhone 11 is it worth it?

iPhone SE 2020 is first on the list of cell phone in question that unites the design of the iPhone 8 with the best current components on the market.

The second iPhone generation SE has the Bionic A13 processor, which is also present in the iPhone 11 line.

Undoubtedly, these are two phones with great features. So today I'm going to show you their features and differences.

iOS version and additional features

Many still don't know what iOS the iPhone SE is, but both models are equipped with iOS 13, a system that brought dark mode to Apple devices.

In addition, these smartphones have Memoji, a application to create emoticons personalized with the user's facial features. Famous freshness kit lol, but there are many enjoying it.

Apple iPhone SE vs Apple iPhone 11
What is the best iPhone?

As for the differences, the iPhone SE still uses fingerprint technology, Touch ID integrated into the Home button, while the iPhone 11 has Face ID. At this point, it's up to everyone to choose.

In this aspect, the iPhone 11 has an advantage, as it has support for two chips, a feature that the iPhone SE does not have.

performance and storage

The culmination of the iPhone SE is Apple's latest chip, the A13 Bionic. However, both models have the same processor and different performance in some situations.

The iPhone 11 includes 4GB of RAM, while the iPhone SE has 3GB. Yes 1 GB of difference helps a lot.

As for storage, both phones have a choice of capacity up to 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB. You can expand on both options.


The iPhone 11 has a nice differentiating feature as it has a dual camera on the back. That's against a single-lens wide iPhone (2020).

In general, the iPhone 11 has a camera with a wide lens, while the iPhone SE does not have this difference.

Both phones have a 5x digital zoom, but the iPhone 11 still has an optical zoom that zooms in up to 2x without losing quality. In addition, for an extra detail, the iPhone 11 comes with a 12 MP sensor and TrueDepth technology for facial recognition, while the iPhone SE reaches up to 7 MP.


Although Apple does not report the exact battery performance, many websites indicate that the iPhone 11 has 3,110 mAh against the 1,821 mAh of the iPhone SE. Many know battery performance does matter.

However, both have an 18W fast charge with Qi technology, which allows you to recharge your cell phone wirelessly. Technology present in both models.

screen and design

Physically, the iPhone SE is quite different from the iPhone 11 in terms of design. Other differences from the iPhone SE models have a home button and thick edges, inspired by the iPhone 8; while the iPhone 11 has no buttons on the front and its edges are thinner.

The two models have another point of difference: both mobile phones are equipped with different screens. iPhone SE remains the same as the iPhone 8, 4.7 inches with a resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels, weight 148 grams, SIM Card Nano and Full HD video, 30fps.

In contrast, the iPhone 11 has 6.1 inches and a resolution of 1792 x 828 pixels, weight 194 grams, SIM Card Nano and 4K video (2160p), 60fps. Both models have scratch-resistant glass screen protection. For Streaming iPhone Apps 11 is excellent.

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