Apple in partnership with CNote to invest US$ 25 million in racial causes

Apple intends to deploy US$ 25 million in social and racial causes, across the US through CNote investment platform, which helps with social causes investments.

A strong investment by the Apple company in racial causes and the underserved community

The new commitment is part of Apple's broader Racial Equality and Justice initiative. This program seeks to expand opportunities for needy communities and invest resources in combating racism in the system.

“Ensure that everyone has access to the opportunity to pursue their dreams and create a shared future.”

These are the words of Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president of Environment and Social Policy and Initiatives. Working with CNote to raise funds for underserved communities through their local financial institutions that can support equity and access to entrepreneurship.

CNote is Headquartered in Oakland

CNote is a technology company based in Oakland, a city located in the US state of California. That enables individuals and companies to invest in fixed income and time deposit products, which enables a number of social causes such as climate action or economic equality.

The financial startup platform has already introduced an initial Apple round to financial institutions in the United States, encompassing banks and credit unions in California, Louisiana, North Carolina, Mississippi and others.

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Deposits are being used to increase access to funds, financial products and services in historic and underserved markets.

One example is the Cherokee County Bank, created by large members of the Cherokee Territory, which invests 95% of their deposits back.

 Apple invested US$100 million in the 2020 Racial Equality and Justice initiative, which continues to grow and expand the program.

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