Swollen battery on iPhone

How to find out if your iPhone battery is swelling? Know now the information about your cell phone battery.

Is your iPhone glass peeling off? Maybe it's the battery that's swollen!

This is more common than it seems. O iPhone glass takes off and starts to get up by itself, the user tries to remember having knocked him down or done something to cause it, but the fact has nothing to do with something the user caused, but a defect in the device that causes his battery expands and pushes the iPhone screen upwards, peeling off the glass from the frame and often even breaking the LCD and Touchscreen internally.

So it's good to be aware, if your iPhone starts to lift the screen by itself, it could be the battery that is swelling, and not just a problem of weak glue.

Did my iPhone battery swell? It is common?

The amount of records on the internet and in our assistance shows that yes, this is very common. The problem of swollen battery does not only affect the iPhone, several other models of devices and notebooks also have the same problem.

There is nothing that causes this. Even if you take good care of your iPhone, there is always a risk of this happening. Are you in doubt if the your iPhone battery is it swelling?

First feature of swollen cell phone battery

The Apple company has excellent products, but there is no way to escape the problems.

your screen iPhone starts to get up, giving the impression that he is taking off this reaction is not good. Even battery oxidation can cause problems. Like all Brazilians with the intention of leaving it for later, but I don't advise it, because it is a problem that needs to be solved.

When the iPhone battery swells, she has to push something, and the first thing she pushes is the screen. So the first feature to notice is a small bump on the left side of your iPhone, looking at it from the front. This symptom can be associated with some problems on your smartphone:

  • Home button failure.
  • Proximity sensor failure (The one that turns off the screen when you make a call).
  • Front camera shifted or blurry with swollen cell battery.
  • iPhone bulging battery charge percentage changes very quickly
  • The iPhone turns off even with load, sometimes with 10%, sometimes with 20% and even with 50% of load, the iPhone turns off when you try to open an application.

How do I know if my iPhone battery is swollen?

The screen always starts to rise on the left side of the iPhone (looking at it from the front), as it is the side where the swollen cell battery is located. 

If your iPhone screen has started to lift, be careful, it could be the battery swelling and pushing the screen out. In some cases you will also feel the screen temperature is abnormal.

Second feature of swollen cell phone battery

The screen shows a color change when pressing the LCD.

One of the best ways to confirm if your iPhone battery has swelled is to lightly press the left side of the screen with your finger. If the battery is swollen, there will be a deformation in the color of the screen around your finger, as in the image below:

The deformation is not permanent, you can rest assured, because when you press the screen these colors appear, but then disappear.

When the bulging cell phone battery is pressing the screen, it will show color warping when pressing lightly with your finger. 

This deformation occurs due to the pressure applied to the LCD by the battery, at the bottom of the screen.

What are the risks of continuing to use the iPhone with a swollen battery?

The battery starts to swell little by little and sometimes in a matter of weeks or even days it reaches its maximum size, which is about four centimeters thick. This size is enough to damage your iPhone's internal cables, especially those for the Touch and LCD screen.

This can damage the LCD, Touch and Speaker/Upper Sensors cables. In other words: If the screen goes up stretching the cables, they have nowhere to go and end up breaking or cracking.

The Touchscreen and LCD cables are secured under a screwed plate, which causes them to be damaged if the screen is lifted. 

If the screen gets to the point where it cracks or damages some of these flex, in addition to the battery problem you will have a screen with one or more of these symptoms:

  • iPhone touchscreen does not work
  • The iPhone LCD has the image showing several stripes on the screen (looking like TV off).
  • There is no image
  • Home button stops working (Mainly on iPhone 4S, 5C and 5S)
  • Proximity sensor or top speaker does not work or fails badly.

In these cases, we hope that it is just a bad contact or that a cable has moved. If not, your screen will also need to be replaced.

What to do when your iPhone battery burns out?

Important note: Sometimes due to this displacement of the iPhone screen caused by the swelling of the battery, the image and the touchscreen of the device remain normal while the screen is raised, but when removing the swollen battery and closing the device correctly it may malfunction. described above. This does not mean that the part was damaged during assembly, but that some flex has already been compromised by some fault in the contacts caused by a possible latch and when bent it presents defects.

The internal cables of the iPhone display are very fragile and can have image or touchscreen problems in cases where the battery swells.

What to do with the cell phone battery when it is swollen?

If your battery is swelling, the ideal is to change it as soon as possible. Even with cell phones under warranty this can happen.

If you are experiencing this problem, take it to an Apple service center to have your battery replaced. At iPhone technical assistance, change your battery trying to reuse your swollen cell phone screen without suffering new defects. In Brazil and around the world there are several stores, don't leave it for later.

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