iPhone camera issues

If you are having problems with your camera iPhone, vou mostrar algumas alternativas possíveis. Atenção: para cada modelo de iPhone terá opções diferentes para câmera.

Minha câmera do iPhone está ruim o que eu faço?

The iPhone camera is one of the most important elements of the device, which every year includes new features. So, if your iPhone camera is giving you problems or failures, I will show you some options before taking it for service. At iPhone camera glitches could be due to hardware or software, and in this article I'll show you what I've already done in a simple and effective way.

Major issues with iPhone camera

If you are affected by any of these issues with your iPhone camera, then you can try the aforementioned alternatives. So today I will cite the following problems below:

how to restart camera app from the iPhone?

How to unlock the iPhone camera?

What to do when there is an error in the cell phone camera?

iPhones are very well-built devices where hardware and software go hand in hand, so while finding bugs and problems is not very common.

Other questions you may encounter:

What to do when the cell phone camera does not work?

Black screen when opening camera app

Blurred or crooked photos

Rear or front camera not working

However, one of the most tedious issues is the ones related to iPhone cameras. There are cases where neither the camera nor the flashlight on the iPhone works. Fortunately, you can solve it by following one of these tips.

How to reset iPhone camera?

Resetting your iPhone camera might be the first thing you need to do in case you are having problems and the simplest solution, before moving on to other common alternatives. Apple doesn't indicate a simple way to reset the camera or reinstall the camera app, but you can try what I'm about to say.

camera iphone nao funciona
What to do when your cell phone camera fails
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1 option double press your iPhone's start button. Now close the camera app. When you reopen again, your phone's camera app will restart.

iPhone camera does not work

If you notice problems with your iPhone's camera even after restarting the app, here's one more alternative you can try to fix.

1. Restart your iPhone

This is an ideal solution to solve any problem with your iPhone camera, and any other bugs in general. The software can have bugs, so a hard reset of the smartphone can help fix it. Access the option > General > Software Update you have and see the latest version of iOS installed.

Our first recommendation is that you force restart your iPhone executing the following button combination:

  • iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. Press the volume up button and quickly release, press the volume down button and quickly release, then press and hold the side button. When the Apple screen appears, release the button.
  • iPhone 8 and iPhone SE (2nd generation). Press the volume up button and quickly release it, press the volume down button – and quickly release it, then press and hold the side button. When the Apple logo appears, release the button.
  • iPhone 7. Press and hold the volume up button – and the power button at the same time until you see the Apple logo again.
  • iPhone 6s or iPhone SE (1st generation). Press and hold the wake/sleep button and the home button at the same time until you see the apple apple again.

2. Remove covers or accessories

You may not have noticed, but there are certain accessories that can cause camera problems. If the camera appears black, the photos appear blurry, or the camera does not work properly can cause this issue. Therefore, remove the cell phone case, as it is sometimes covering the camera.

3. Clean your cell phone lens

A step that normally nobody pays much attention to and this is very important, especially when you have blurry photos. Ordinary small plain cloth, clean all your cell phone camera and check again that you are taking pictures without blurring.

It's also important to keep your iPhone in good condition. Make sure the lens hasn't been scratched and the iPhone's temperature isn't high. For example, iPhone is ready to turn off LED flash when it gets too hot, and that might be one of the reasons why the iPhone flashlight doesn't work.

4. Switch between different smartphone cameras

This is an option that might work and solve some problems when photos turn black. The iPhone has at least two cameras depending on the model, one on the front and one on the back. So switch between the different cameras to check if it works, one of them is another alternative to find out which one is having a problem.

5. Check the camera app

The camera app may also crash and stop working. Check if you need to update the camera app.

If it's the App itself that doesn't work, we advise you to download a new camera on the App Store.

I've had a case of the camera not working due to the old iOS version.

6. Factory reset your iPhone

If none of these tips above work for you and your iPhone camera still doesn't work, the only option available, before sending your device in for technical service, is restore your iPhone to a factory version. There are explanations in the videos above.

7. Contact Apple Support

It's the last option, if your iPhone's camera still doesn't work, it's probably due to a hardware error and not a software error. That is, due to a fall or your iPhone sensor may have broken. By following these tips you will be able to solve any problem with the your iPhone camera. If you have a problem that cannot be fixed, Apple support is always happy to help.

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