How to Open the iPhone Back Cover

Sometimes we need to open the back cover of the iPhone for several reasons such as: changing the battery for a new one, changing a scratched battery cover or simply putting a colored cover to give the device a new look.

Learn How to Open the Back of the iPhone

Today this article is to help the various questions I receive in my email on this subject, how to open the iPhone 5s, for example, among others:

how to open iphone 4 back cover

how to open iphone 4s back cover

how to open iphone 5s back cover

how to open iphone 5 back cover

The procedure to open it and you still don't know how to remove the back cover of the iphone is quite simple and can be done at home, it is necessary to follow the tips that we have listed.

Attention you will not disassemble anything you will only open the back cover Apple iPhone to change iphone back cover or whatever you want. So don't think "I'm a technician" by following this and thinking I already know how to open a iphone and fix Hahaha. So let's go the tips on how to remove the iphone back cover.

Initial Precautions Before Removing the Cover

Before carrying out the steps indicated, pay attention to the following points:

1 – You must have some specific tools to be able to remove the special screws from the iPhone, if you don't have the necessary tool you can buy it at Mercado Livre with prices starting at 14 reais.

2 – Make sure your iPhone is completely turned off.

3 – During the entire procedure, do not leave your iPhone connected to the computer or any accessory to the electrical network.

Removing the iPhone Back Cover – Key to open iPhone 5s

To start you must remove the 2 3.6mm Phillips screws under the device. On models like the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 the Phillips screws have been replaced with a special type, so it's critical that you have the right tools. Carry out this procedure very carefully and with a firm hand, so as not to knock the screw!

How to remove iPhone 5s back cover?

After removing the screws, you must push the back cover up. Now all you have to do is gently lift the battery cover.

Ready! Once this is done you can change the battery, change the cover for another one etc… To put the cover back on, the procedure is similar to this one, except that you must put the cover on and pull it down and then screw it back in carefully.

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