How to buy cheap iPhone?

These days, having a cell phone with good performance is no longer a matter of luxury. In fact, as time goes on, people tend to get more demanding and, therefore, have demanded more powerful cell phones.

And this is a trend that, by all indications, has everything to become even stronger. It is no wonder that most companies have launched new models every year. Because this has been the demand of most users.

Also, let's not forget that every year new apps are released. However, most of them require a good configuration. And among all smartphones, surely the ones that stand out the most are the iPhone cell phone.

However, the fact is that they have a slightly higher value than the rest. So it's normal that you want to know where to buy cheap apple iphone. Is this even possible?

When the value is much more, some people suspect it's a replica or something. But is it even possible buy a good, cheap and original iPhone? If you want to know more about this subject, just continue with this article.

Why is the iPhone so expensive?

First of all, do you know why the iPhone cell phones are more expensive? For many people, this has already become a habit that they don't even ask themselves why these models have a higher value. However, it is interesting to clear this doubt.

And this happens because, from the moment you understand why these devices have a higher value, it is possible to create a way to buy the product, for a slightly more affordable price.

In short, it is possible to say that the iPhone is a more expensive cell phone due to two factors: taxes and exchange. Did you know that about 40% of the price of these cell phones is just to pay the tax burden that Brazil charges?

Worst of all is that there are several taxes, such as import tax, ICMS, PIS, Cofins and IPI. That is, almost half of the value of the devices is pure tax. This is even one of the reasons why the cell phone is not even more popular in Brazil.

Another thing that makes the iPhone more expensive is due to the dollar price, which has grown with each passing year. However, this is a false proportion. We say this because, as the dollar rises, the real becomes devalued.

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Did you know that, in 2020, the real was the currency that devalued the most in the world? The real has dropped more than 40% from its value. In other words, this means that the values to buy imported products rose exponentially.

iPhone price in Brazil compared to other countries

O price of a cell phone iPhone, when compared to other countries, still remains at a much higher value. Even when comparing with some Latin American countries, it is estimated that prices can be up to 50% lower than those in Brazil.

If a Brazilian, who earns a minimum wage, wanted to buy the iPhone 13 Pro Max, with 1 TB of internal memory, the individual would have to work for about a year, without committing his income to anything else.

While, in countries like the United States, the citizen would need to work just over a month to buy the same smartphone. Now, in relation to Australians, they should work just over 12 days, only.

So, given all these factors, you can already understand how high the price of the iPhone in Brazil can be. But is there cheap iPhone cell phone? Is there any way to buy a cell phone model without spending a lot? That's what we're going to talk about next.

How to buy a cheap iPhone?

Buying a cheap iPhone is possible, but as long as you follow some tips. You can wait for a cell phone promotion and buy the model you want so much, or put some of our tips into practice.

So if you want to know how to find one super cheap iphone, just check the following topics.

Opt for refurbished

One of the best ways to buy a smartphone iPhone, without weighing so much on your pocket, is by giving preference to reconditioned models, or “refurbished”. It is true that you should pay attention to the quality of the device.

However, the truth is that when you buy from trusted sites, chances are you won't have any kind of headache. There are even websites that offer a one-time warranty, so that the buyer feels even more secure.

iPhone barato
How to buy a cheap iPhone

You won't always find iPhone on sale. Because of this, this is a great option for those who want to pay a smaller amount on an iPhone. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that the newer the model, the safer it is.

And that's because Apple sells original parts. Therefore, refurbished cell phones, which are more recent, are the ones that most have original parts for exchange and repair.

used appliances

One of the best ways to buy cheap iPhone cell phones is when choosing a new model. There are even several ways to acquire your new one, from the famous word of mouth to some platforms that focus on the sale of this type of product.

So a tip for you to find cheapest apple cell phone is to look on well-known sites such as Trocafone or even on a marketplace platform, such as Facebook, Mercado Livre, Enjoei or OLX, for example.

On these platforms there are always people who want to sell their cell phones at a much lower price than usual. So, it's a great way to buy iPhone cheap.

Wait for promotions

Occasionally, you may find iPhone promotion, but not necessarily in the official store. Some e-commerces and other virtual stores may offer discounts on specific dates, such as consumer week, for example.

Furthermore, wait for iPhone on Black Friday It's also a great option, given that the values can go down a lot. However, a tip on this subject is not to get attached only to commemorative dates here in Brazil.

All over the world, from time to time, there are iPhone on flash sale, or even on common dates, which is what happens on 11/11, for example. Therefore, a great tip to buy the cell phone you want so much, paying cheaper, is to wait for some cell phone promotion.

enjoy the packages

As said, in Brazil, the values of Apple cell phones are more expensive. And knowing this, some operators offer some packages in order to lower the cost. That is, when you buy an iPhone, and hire an X plan, the cell phone comes out with a bigger discount.

So this is also a great way to save money. It is possible to find iPhone at Claro, iPhone on Vivo or Tim iPhone, for example. That way, in addition to saving a lot on the price of the cell phone, you guarantee a good cell phone plan.

O flat iPhone of course, there are options to choose both the control and post planes, for example. And in each case, the value can increase or decrease. So, this is certainly one of the great ways to save money when buying your iPhone.

Buy through an intermediary site

You've already seen that, in Brazil, the brand's cell phones are usually quite expensive. So what's the best way to find a cheap apple cell phone, if not buying from another country, through an intermediary website?

Sites like Qwintry are able to redirect your order from the United States. That is, you register on the site and it gives you an address for purchases in the USA. So, when you make your purchase on a gringo site, your product goes to that address.

But, upon arriving there, he is redirected to his address here in Brazil. It is true that this is a procedure that can increase the delivery date a little more. However, in the absence of cell phones on offer, surely this is one of the best options to buy your iPhone.

wait for the next year

Do you have some money saved, but it's still not enough to buy the model you'd like? So the best thing you can do is wait for the next year. And that's because, with each passing year, Apple announces new models.

And, with newer models, the old ones go down in price. So this is your chance to buy one cheapest apple cell phone. We say this because it is common that with each release the older models become cheaper 20%.

But again: don't just cling to the official store. Although the values on Apple's own website also decrease, the same occurs on several other marketplace websites. So do a good search.

Even while you wait for the next release, it is possible to raise an even greater amount of money. That way, when the following year arrives, you may be able to buy a much better model than you thought.

Check international websites

Never know when will there be iPhone promotion. Because of this, you should always have something up your sleeve. And, one of them, of course, is to check out the options on international websites. Because, as said, outside Brazil the price of the iPhone is much lower.

Therefore, it is interesting to search for iPhone on sites like eBay or Aliexpress. However, the tip here is always to evaluate the dollar exchange on the day. After all, in addition to the value of the device, import taxes must be added.

So, even if the value is cheaper, evaluate what the total cost will be. Now, in relation to eBay, the great advantage is that you can search for offers in auctions. On these occasions, the values are much more attractive.

However, the only thing you should be careful about is the seller's qualifications. That is, if it is reliable or even what is the state of the device. But as long as you know how to bid, it will be a great deal.

discount coupons

found a iPhone on sale? So how about improving the price even more, looking for a discount coupon? These days, there are several tools that are able to find different coupons, which will make you save even more.

Sites like Cuponomia manage to gather the best coupons. There, you can find codes with up to 25% off, for example. And this is just one example, but there are several other sites where you can find even better coupons.

There are even some extensions that you can install in your own browser. And in doing so, whenever you enter a shopping site, it gathers and offers you the best coupons. That is, it is a great way to save when buying an iPhone.


In addition to searching for cell phones on sale, another tip that will surely save you a lot is to take advantage of cashback. That is, when you receive a percentage of the value of your purchase back.

Sites like Méliuz, for example, offer great opportunities to earn cash back. Méliuz has more than 1,600 partner stores, which are able to offer up to 15% cash back in special cases.

What's more, Méliuz is even able to offer you a discount coupon for the website you're trying to make the purchase from. That is, you get a discount because of the coupon and still get a value back! It's double savings.

Compare prices

An X site may not have a cell phone on sale, while others do. So, even though it's a lot of work, the truth is that there's no better way to pay a lower price for an iPhone if you don't compare prices with other sites.

However, there are sites that can make this search a little easier for you, such as Buscapé, which is a tool that evaluates the sites that offer the best price, according to the product you have selected.

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