How to Disable 3G, 4G or EDGE Internet on iPhone

when leaving the 3G Internet or EDGE permanently on on the iPhone can often be tricky.

Nowadays with fast technology 4g cell phones, we will soon have higher speeds, in the internet access provider and with beefier hardware.

Today the tip is very simple, but many do not know how to turn off mobile data on the iPhone. If you are at home using Wi-Fi you don't need to use iPhone mobile data then you need to learn how to turn off iPhone mobile data.

Learn how to remove 3g from iPhone

I say this because the battery consumption will be higher and the data plan it can end fast and we are often left wondering, how?

Our tip is for all users who want to know how to disable the 3G Internet on iPhone. The steps presented below are for both turning on and off the 3G or EDGE connection. The last tip of this article is for when the device is roaming you will see what to do.

How to Disable 3G or 4G on iPhone 6 (iOS 8)

For readers who have doubts about turning off 3G or 4G Internet on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 PLUS running iOS 8 the procedure is very simple:

  1. Go to iPhone settings under Settings.
  2. Cell phone.
  3. turn off option Cellular Data to disable 3G.
  4. Turn off option: Enable 4G to disable 4G.
Como tirar o 3g do iPhone
How to turn off mobile data on iPhone

How to Disable 3G on iPhone

This tutorial assumes that you are using iOS 6 or higher. If you have an older version, don't worry, the settings are very similar. I want to emphasize that depending on your operator some names of the options may vary, but with the example image that we are putting here you will find everything easily.

How to Adjust Mobile Data on iPhone

To be able to turn mobile internet on and off on your iPhone, you first need to know if the device supports 3G connections. From iPhone 3G or 3GS all devices support, if your iPhone phone is older you will only have the option to turn off the EDGE (GSM) data connection.

  • Access the iPhone settings in Settings.
  • Now tap on the General option.
  • On the screen that opens, go to Network.
  • You will find several options, including one responsible for activating and deactivating (ON / OFF) the 3G connection. Ready!
Como forçar 4g no iPhone
How to remove 3g from iPhone

Disabling Data Roaming on iPhone

Algo legal no iPhone é que você pode gerenciar todas as conexões em um mesmo lugar. Sem sair da tela que você desativou a conexão tecnologia 3G você verá mais no final a opção para desativar o roaming de dados caso você não estiver viajando você pode desligar  também. Como uma última dica, você pode deslizar até o final da tela e será possível encontrar  o gerenciador de aplicativos que pode usar na sua conexão 3G / EGDE e quais não pode. Seguindo todas as dicas mencionadas acima você terá total controle da conexão de Internet do seu iPhone.

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