How to Find Your iPhone's IMEI Code

the acronym IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identify System) is a code given to the apple, is what sets your cell phone apart from others. Learn today how to know the iPhone IMEI.

How to see iPhone IMEI? How to find the phone's IMEI

This code you need I will explain how to know the IMEI of iPhone is of the utmost importance since in case of theft, or loss, you can make the use of your cell phone unfeasible through this numerical sequence, that is, whoever stole it will have a device that they cannot use.

So let's go to the tip of how to lock stolen iphone.

How to check the Apple IMEI? Learn how to query IMEI iPhone

THE apple allows us to find the IMEI code by different means and we will help you by showing you what are these ways to query the iPhone IMEI. Here's where to find the iPhone's IMEI:

How to check the IMEI of the device? To find the cell phone's IMEI, go to settings

One of the easiest ways to know where to see the IMEI of iPhone is in the settings of the iPhone. To do this, follow these steps to check iPhone IMEI code:

  • settings
  • General
  • Informations about

I will explain on the iPhone how to know the IMEI of the cell phone

With your cell phone in hand, follow the steps below and you will discover iPhone IMEI.

Como verificar o IMEI do iPhone
How to see IMEI
Para que serve o IMEI do iPhone
How to find the phone's IMEI
Como eu faço para ver meu IMEI
check imei iphone
Como consultar IMEI Apple
How to Check iPhone IMEI
Como ver IMEI
consult apple imei

You can see in the list your IMEI. Here you have one more advantage, if you want to copy the code just press and paste where you want.

Note: If it is in English, the path is the same and you will find it in the option: IMEI Number iPhone 11 in newer models.

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Consult iPhone Apple IMEI: Using the Keyboard

This method is also very simple, what you should do is the following:

  • Open the keyboard on iPhone
  • Enter: *#06#
  • To exit press 'Discard' or 'Home'

How to find iPhone IMEI: In the box

If you do not it played your box outside will be able to see your IMEI on the back of it. Note that it will be above the third barcode.

Consult Apple IMEI: Using iTunes

You can find your code IMEI from the iTunes, it is not a very simple method, but if you are interested, you should follow these steps:

  • Open iTunes
  • Press the CONTROL key and go to iTunes/iTunes on the menu
  • will show the iPhone data, including the IMEI.

How to get iPhone IMEI

If you still haven't been able to and are still unsure how to check the iPhone's IMEI on the Apple website, there are other tips:

If you still have doubts, let me know cell phone course.

A warning, the code IMEI as I said at the beginning it is extremely important, so it is interesting not to pass this number on to third parties unless it is very necessary. Now that you've learned how to see your cell phone's IMEI, don't forget to write it down for safety.

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