Universal control and Sidecar may have issues

Apple's release of Universal Control, in the latest updates to iOS, iPhaOS and macOS, which provides features that support moving data and actions properly between your devices.

Universal Control and Sidecar work side by side, complementing each other.

A previously released feature allows you to mac user with macOS 10.15, Catalina or an iPad, with iPadOS 13 or later, use a mirrored or extended iPad.

If you need some help, to clarify and switch Universal Control and Sidecar, if you want to use both features Apple runs Universal Control on MacOS 12.3 Monterey and iPhadOS 15.4 as a beta feature.

So it's not strange to find specific performance.

In the test that was done, at one point there was a single iPad appearing twice and was highlighted for Universal Control and Sidecar, which certainly shouldn't be possible.

When this behavior occurs:

Enable system preference displays for Universal Control features by clicking the switch.

With the iPad on and close, push your cursor onto the iPad screen.

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From the Add View menu, choose the iPad option under Extend To or Mirror.

Then you will see two iPads on the Display layout screen.

Make sure your cursor appears on a display connected to your Mac and not on your iPad to make sure there's no problem.

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