Keep an eye out for Apple releases in 2022

Apple updates its Inventions folder every year. See some of the news.

There are years that have very radical changes and others not so much, but it always leaves your most loyal customers excited and the reporters who cover technology very busy. The end of the first semester and 2022 is approaching, and Apple is close to releasing updates for its beloved devices.

iPhone 14 is the most anticipated in Apple's new release

The most anticipated cell phone is the iPhone 14, the most anticipated of the year, according to some leaks, it will bring in its new version some news and the main one would be the design.

Apple's new smartphone should not have a notch, that rectangular cut with rounded edges at the top of the screen, instead the device should have two small spaces at the top of the display to protect the front camera and the device's sensors. They should also bring the A16 chips, which are faster and more efficient than the A15 chips, which are present in the iPhone 13.

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Tech fans must be very happy with the upcoming MacBook Pro release, especially since Apple is investing in their respective processors and no longer needs the chips made by Intel.

The expectation is that the next Apple chip will have twice the processing capacity of the M1, with a 40-core processor and up to 128-core graphics chip, which makes the expectations of the Apple public even more.

The line of smart watches, Apple Watch series 8, according to unofficial information Apple is developing a smartwatch line, aimed at the public, such as athletes and people who want to monitor such as heart rate, monitor blood pressure etc…

The launch of the MacBook Air that should receive one of the biggest updates, made in the history of the company, with its completely revamped look. It is also known that the device must receive an upgrade in its hardware, as well as the AirPods Pro in the “buds” format.

The novelty does not stop there, several other technologies will be launched by Apple later this year 2022.

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