iPhone 11 vs Samsung Galaxy S20 – Which will be better?

If you are looking for the best phones like the top of the line, but you don't want to spend a fortune on devices that can reach between R$ 7,000.00, then we are going to go through two options that you can consider.

Let the world know and turn your business ideas into reality with the latest iPhone 11 and create new ways to connect with people. Apple's new iPhone 11 is the best iPhone yet, with an even bigger screen, more powerful camera and advanced wireless charging features.

Vixi pulled sardine kkkk, but let's go to the comparisons below.

iPhone 11 and Galaxy S20 the cheapest of the current generation of Apple and Samsung.

Which is better Samsung or Apple?

At the iPhone Blog let's help a little with a review of these two competing phones.

The two phones have a lot in common and both are devices made of aluminum, with a glass back that has Gorilla Glass protection.

The two phones are almost the same size, but the Galaxy is a little narrower and has thinner edges which makes it better to use with just one hand. In addition, the small hole for the camera takes up much less screen space and has a more visually advanced product appeal.

Apple iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is chubby and heavy, part of the blame lies in the thickness, thicker of the glass that Apple promises, to be more resistant than the rival's, but it's not good to trust too much and we always recommend using a protective case so you don't run. the risk of breaking the device in the first fall.

iPhone 11 smartphone
iPhone 11

If you insist on protection against water, both bring the famous IP68 certification, but on the iPhone it is possible to dive half a meter further than the Galaxy S20. But it is always good to remember that the warranty does not cover damages, for liquid and there are already several users complaining about this.

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And if you still use headphones with a P2 connection, you will be disappointed with both devices as well.

Galaxy cameras are grouped in a black block, but it doesn't matter what color the device is. The iPhone has bigger holes for the lenses that clash with the colored back, so it's a matter of taste.

Which is the best Samsung S20?

But neither of them is a perfection in beauty. The Galaxy S20 takes the first point for being narrower, lighter and having fewer edges. Samsung is the main supplier of OLED screens. iPhone 11 comes with IPS LCD panel.

In terms of color calibration there is even a small advantage for the Apple model, but you can reduce the saturation of the S20's screen by opening in the settings. The Korean model takes advantage of the superior brightness and 120 Hz of the panel, to reproduce system animations and games at 120 fps. In addition, the Galaxy has many more pixels, to display a sharper image especially when looking up close. The bad thing about this is that it weighs more on the hardware.

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The stereo sound in both Galaxy has a slightly higher volume and the difference is even more evident, due to the little presence of bass leaving the treble more highlighted.

Samsung smartphone

The iPhone is more balanced and features much more bass. It also has a more immersive spatial effect and is great for movies. If you intend to use the headset that comes with the cell phone, then you will prefer the AKG headset that comes with the Galaxy S20, it has rubber tips, which are more comfortable than the hard plastic of the Apple headset.

In the sound part, the Samsung phone weighs. But in the bass it has a slightly muffled sound while the iPhone's is more neutral.

Com, in relation to the software is that old war between iOS and android. So, let's sum it up in a simple way so you can choose the best one for you. In the case of the iPhone, there are not many frills (frills), with the promise of innovative features that you will rarely use.

It's a cleaner and straight to the point system. The positive side of this is that you have software, which flows well and is even better optimized for social networks. And it still has the advantage of receiving updates for several years while Samsung abandons its devices two years after launch.

Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone
Galaxy S20

Now, if you like having the features that seek to facilitate the use of the cell phone, such as shortcuts to all sides, extras like turning the cell phone into a kind of desktop, then the Galaxy S20 is what you should choose.

Apple smartphone

So we give each one a point as they all have their advantages. The national Galaxy S20 comes with the Exynos platform, 990. The iPhone has the raw power of the A13 Bionic, the difference is not very big, but Samsung's software lacks optimization.

On a day-to-day basis you will notice that the S20 takes a little longer to perform simpler tasks. In multitasking speed tests, you notice a difference of 12s between the two, so if you want the fastest cell phone, go for the iPhone.

In some performance tests using software benchmarks there will be a victory for Apple in some tests, but in AnTuTu they are practically tied. The advantage of the Galaxy S20 is in the 120 Hz screen, which allows you to run some games at 120 FPS.

While on the iPhone it is not possible to go beyond 60 FPS. That doesn't make the Galaxy a phone just yet for gamers.

We will then draw a tie, as the iPhone is faster in general, but the S20 allows you to run some games with twice the fluidity. Detail on the screen with many more pixels like the S20 will kill your battery

The Korean tops of the line were never an example of good autonomy and Apple finally got it right in the current generation, but between the two the S20 is the one that spends more time away from the socket.

In moderate use you will have an average of two hours more autonomy with the Galaxy S20. For those who use it more heavily, you will have a better chance of returning home with a little charge with the S20 than with the iPhone 11.

And one point that Apple still misses unfortunately is in charging. THE iPhone 11 comes with charger furreca, of 5-Watts that takes three times longer to recharge the battery than the 25-Watts of the Galaxy S20.

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Here is a double victory for Samsung for having greater autonomy and shorter recharge time.

And which one has the best camera?

If you count numbers then the Galaxy wins. The main one has the same 12 Mp as the rival, but the sensor is bigger and allows it to capture more light at night. The two have a wide-angle lens too, with 12 MP and the S20 has a differential of coming with a third camera for zoom.

Both phones can take great photos in the daytime, the S20 doesn't saturate the colors as much as in past generations and even does a better job than the iPhone 11, however it loses sharpness in the corners of the photos and for a photographer this is bad on the S20.

If you're going to take pictures against the light or sunset, none of them does a good job with HDR. But here the iPhone comes out worse. The wide-angle lens shows similar results on both, with a marked loss in quality compared to the main camera.

If you intend to use the zoom to record everything that is far away, the Galaxy S20 presents, less loss of details in addition to having a much greater range. Of course, photos with maximum zoom have very mediocre quality.

At night the Galaxy S20 is a little ahead because it has less noise. Apple's has the best in blur, background especially in darker places. Each camera has its highlights, so we give each one a point.

Cell Camera

On the front it has a higher resolution on the iPhone, but both have a similar level of detail. The Galaxy S20 takes slightly smoother photos by default due to the beautification mode. You can turn it off if you don't care to hide your skin defects.

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The iPhone 11, on the other hand, has a habit of applying a tanning effect, leaving the photo yellowish. Some like it while others find it forced. At night, the S20 records clearer selfies with much less noise.

For videos, the Galaxy S20 is more advanced by recording in 8K. At this resolution, you are stuck shooting only at 24 FPS, in addition to taking up a lot of space in the phone's memory and being a useless resolution for most people.

In 4K resolution, both have similar quality, greatly reducing blur and have agile focus. With the front the iPhone comes out a little in the front. it better regulates the exposure in scenarios with strong light and presents less noise at night.

In addition, it supports slow-motion for selfies. In the camcorder part, each one takes a point. Apple is synonymous with expensive cell phone, but the iPhone 11 costs less than the Galaxy.

And we can't forget that Apple's cell phones depreciate much less than Samsung's. It won't be long before the Galaxy S20 is at the same price as its rival or even cheaper over time.

But if you are looking for the most affordable, now you know which one to choose.

The iPhone 11 takes one more point for being the most affordable in the pocket today, for those who want to buy a good smartphone.

Massssss if you want to pay more, the Galaxy S20 in general is a more comfortable phone to hold with a superior screen, more powerful sound, longer battery life, shorter recharge time and also good for games.

But remembering the comparison is a 2020 Samsung cell phone against a 2019 Apple cell phone. I hope the information was useful in your decision.

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