iPhone 12: features and price of Apple's most anticipated cell phone

Finally, Apple has unveiled its new flagship lineup of smartphones the famous iPhone 12.

What is the most modern iPhone? Datasheet

We will show you some of the features of the new smartphones iPhone 12 and its prices.

One of the main intrigues regarding the new line was support for the latest technology the network 5G All new items received 5G support.

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What is the best iPhone to buy? iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 with a 6.1-inch screen has a dual camera setup. Traditionally you received 5 bright color options. According to the manufacturer, it is 11% thinner, 15% smaller and 16% lighter than its predecessor.

Ceramic Shield technology was used for additional protection. The company notes that this is the most durable coating on the market.

Another interesting fact is that the iPhone 12 will automatically switch between 5G and LTE, thus saving your battery.

It works on the basis of the new proprietary A14 processor. It should be 50% faster than its A13 predecessor. It also has twice as many graphics compared to its predecessor. The company claims that thanks to the new processor, users can play on iPhone like on a console. This was one of the limitations in previous models.

THE camera main has two modules. 12 MP wide-angle main sensor with 120 degree field of view. In addition, the manufacturer has improved the night mode. As always, the quality was expressed as a percentage: 27% more quality than its predecessor.

The iPhone 12 battery is 10% smaller than its predecessor

Apple claims that the duration of the iPhone battery has not changed from the iPhone 11 (17 hours of continuous video playback at a low screen brightness), the battery capacity is reduced. The information came from an official document: a certificate of registration of new Apple smartphones by the Brazilian telecommunications regulator.

iphone 12 apple
iPhone 12s pro max price

In the end, it turned out that, the iPhone 12 has a nominal battery capacity of 2815 mAh. That's almost 10% less than the iPhone 11 (3110mAh). The compact iPhone 12 mini, the most affordable device in the significantly more expensive iPhone lineup, is 2227mAh, which is more than the iPhone SE (1821mAh).

Manufacturer (Apple) says the iPhone 12 mini has up to 15 hours of continuous playback of the video stored on the device. Now it's time to test and see if that's the case.

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Apple does not provide information on smartphone parameters such as battery capacity or RAM to avoid a direct comparison with the competition, which always has these higher numbers.


The basic version of iPhone 12 costs US$ 799 (US$ 958.8) year 2020.

iPhone 12 mini

The phone completely repeats the base model, only it has a more compact size with a diagonal of 5.4 inches. There is also a dual camera, A14 processor and 5G support.


It has an average value between $699 ($838.8) in 2020.

The iPhone 12 Pro version is available in 4 classic colors:

Silver / Dark Gray / Gold / Blue

The model has so far received the best moisture protection according to IP68 standard. Apple says the phone can survive up to 20 feet underwater for 40 minutes.

The screen diagonal is 6.15 inches. 

The camera consists of three modules:

12MP ultra wide-angle main module with 120 degree viewing angle.

12MP wide-angle sensor.

12 megapixel module.

The novelty is compatible with the technology Apple ProRAW for truly professional photographs.

About the new technology: iPhone 12 Pro and ProRaw photos: Everything to know about Apple's new picture file – CNET

The Apple company has assured that the camera is capable of transmitting 700 million colors. Used to be 60 times less. Shooting in 4K mode, 60 fps. The manufacturer assured that the iPhone 12 Pro is the only phone on the market that allows you to record and process videos professionally.

The LiDAR sensor allows you to adjust the autofocus even in the dark.


The cost of the iPhone 12 Pro in the US market starts at US$ 999 (US$ 1,198.8) in 2020.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

The version received a 6.7-inch screen, with a triple camera and a LiDAR sensor. The main difference between the new Pro is size and price.


As for the cost, it starts at $1.099 ($1.318) in 2020.

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