iPhone 8 can run current games?

The test was done with iPhone 8 PLUS having an A 11 Bionic with 3gb of RAM, for comparison running games.

Remembering that this cell phone was launched in 2017, still being very popular, for those who want to enter the apple ecosystem.

Call of Duty game

The first game to test on the iPhone 8 PLUS was Call of Duty.

In terms of graphics, we left the following options selected:

Graphic quality: high

Frame rate: high

With this basic configuration, Call of Duty ran flawlessly without crashes.

With the large screen you will have no difficulties when touching the buttons and super suitable for those who have big hands.

Pubg mobile game

The second game tested was Pubg mobile. 

In terms of settings for testing we leave the following:

HDR and left the option high. If you try to check the ultra HD option, you will receive a warning about the limitation, and there is no way to use it.

We thought the graphics part was perfect and it ran perfectly without crashes on the iPhone 8 PLUS.

After a few hours of play, we noticed a small heating in the battery, nothing that bothers the hands, but for those who play using the case on the cell phone, you will notice the hot battery a little more. In this case, we noticed that the dura lasted longer than the test of games on iphone 7.

free fire game

For the Free Fire game we tested with the following settings:

Graphics: ultra

high resolution: high

shadow: on

Filters: Lived

High FPS: high

This is a slightly heavier game.

Unfortunately with the test settings we noticed a little crash. Something we noticed the hotter the phone the more crashes in the game. In terms of graphics it was perfect.

In terms of audio, in all games it was super approved.

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