iPhone Locked: Find out the Type of Lock and How to Solve it!

have the cell phone blocked It's a big problem, especially when you don't know what might have happened.

What to do when iPhone is idle?

If this is your case and you are looking for how to get your iPhone out of inactive, then you are in the right place and we are going to give you some tips to restore inactive iPhone. Here you will know what caused your iPhone to freeze and how to solve this problem.

we from iPhone Blog We always get questions and requests for help on how to unlock locked iPhone on icloud. That's why we created this complete tutorial with all types of iPhone locks and how to solve each one.

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Let's also talk about the other questions we receive, for example, what happens when the iPhone is locked? Or these other questions:

Unlock iPhone IMEI

I found an iPhone how to unlock

I found an iPhone how to reset

iPhone carrier unlock

How to unlock iPhone?

Is there an iCloud unlock?

iPhone inactive how to fix?

Now let's go to the tips on how to recover an inactive iPhone. So first you must understand what happens when a iPhone is locked.

What to do when iPhone is idle? You 4 types of iPhone locks are:

  1. Blocked by the telephone operator;
  2. Blacklist, when the device is lost or stolen;
  3. Blocked for insisting on wrong password;
  4. Find my iPhone, when iCloud locks iPhone.

So what to do with locked iPhone? See below all these locked iPhone situations and the best solution in each case!

My iPhone only works with two cell phone operators. Is there this? Why does it block other operators?

It is often a lock that operators place. As in Brazil the ANATEL forces you to sell unlocked, usually just insert the chip from another operator and restore your iPhone para que dê certo, caso isso não resolva entre em contato com a operadora e informe o problema que eles desbloqueiam na hora. Mas sabemos que na prática nem sempre ligar e desbloquear iPhone operadora é tão simples.

Now let's ask the following questions:

iPhone locked by carrier how to unlock?

iPhone locked by carrier how to unlock?

Carrier Lock – Is there a way to unlock carrier locked iPhone?

In this type of iPhone lock, the device usually stays like this after system restore or equipment update. The iPhone starts the settings, however it stays on the carrier screen showing the same lock message over and over.

What happens when an iPhone is carrier locked?

In case of iPhone cell phone carrier locked, it is important that you know that this is a standard procedure for devices that are purchased through discounts with a telephone plan already included. Therefore, when offering the discount, the operator sells the device with this lock, preventing the user from changing operator within the period determined in the contract.

Is there a way to unlock an imported iPhone to use on any carrier?

Typically, this blocking occurs on equipment sold in the United States by carriers. T-mobile and Att. There, both operators sell iPhones at a much lower price, however, the consumer is stuck with the operator block until the deadline.

How to unlock cell phone locked by carrier?

If you have identified this issue cell phone blocked by operator as unlocking is more relaxed, know that unlocking can be done in two different ways. Check out the best way to unlock and how to unlock a cell phone!

Another type of case that can also happen:

My iPhone brought from the United States is blocked by blacklist due to lack of payment, is there a way to unlock it to use in Brazil?

Yes, in some cases just send an email to the operator informing your iPhone At&t blocked in blacklist and issue an amount to be paid. That way you will be able to unlock an iPhone purchased abroad.

How to reset iPhone?

1. Unlocking Carrier Locked iPhone with JailBreak

This type of unlocking is also possible by installing the icloud locked iPhone Jailbreak on the device. When on the device, the program emulates the iOS system on your iPhone. In short, it is similar to a pirated operating system. In this case, the intention is just to trick the device, making it believe that the iPhone is already unlocked. In short it will format the iPhone.

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JailBreak is completely free, so there is no cost to unlock it this way. You just need to go to the App Store, download and install JailBreak on iPhone. However, it is important for you to know that there are some problems with using this method that include greater vulnerability to your device and the fact that you can no longer update it.

See our tips: https://iphoneblog.com.br/itools-ifunbox-qual-o-melhor/

If the update occurs, you will have to repeat the method again to perform the unlock. After all, this is not a definitive method for carrier locked iPhone cases. So if you want something more practical this method can temporarily solve it.

2. How to unlock carrier locked iPhone cell phone

The only way to obtain the definitive unlock is to perform the official unlock of your device. In this method, you unlock the iPhone once and it will no longer be locked by the carrier.

The official unlocking of an iPhone is carried out through the Apple Inc database. In the database, Apple lists devices through the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) and mark which ones are blocked or not.

To unlock your device using this method, you need to pay for unlocking. This is because access to Apple database via IMEI can only be carried out by authorized persons. Therefore, the service for unlocking is charged.

However, the good news is that you can request the official unlock over the internet.

How to lock cell phone by IMEI

Remembering as soon as you receive your cell phone for the first time, you need to write down the IMEI. Existem várias formas dependendo do modelo do aparelho celular e poderá usar o IMEI iPhone bloqueado nessa situação.

follow the tips of how to check iPhone IMEI. On the packaging (box) of your phone, on the phone's battery, in the chip drawer too, on the back of the device, via IOS by accessing “settings”, “general” and “about”. Or call the number *#06# that will query the IMEI for you.

In this type of iPhone lock, the device is all the time without signal. You can even activate the device, but it does not connect with the operator. Therefore, functions such as calls, sending sms and access to mobile data are blocked.

How to Block Stolen iPhone by IMEI

Learn now how to block stolen cell phone by IMEI.

Unfortunately, stolen cell phones occur every day and we have several cell phones, in police stations for theft or robbery and if that was your case, you need to make a report.

First step if you had one of the theft or robbery facts

If you had this problem and still don't know how to block stolen cell phone, follow these tips. Another situation you need to learn how to block the cell phone by the device's IMEI.

O lock for loss or theft, also called blacklist, it is more difficult to identify, as the signals are common to several defects that appear in the cell phone.

You can query the blacklisted IMEI on the website below:


Therefore, the ideal is that you make a IMEI query to make sure your iPhone has been blacklisted. So, carry out a query of your IMEI locked iPhone cell phone Blacklist.

What happens when an iPhone is blacklisted?

O Blacklist blocking happens because there was device lost or stolen. In this case, the injured party requests the blocking to the operator, which includes the device's IMEI in a type of black list. Therefore, the iPhone cannot access the network, make calls, send messages and perform other functions that depend on the telephony signal.

Know that this kind of blocking is performed only by the operator and line holder. So if you are experiencing this situation, it is because the line holder requested the block through the IMEI.

How to unlock blacklisted iPhone? How do I know if my cell phone has been blocked?

There are websites explaining how to unlock iPhone IMEI iPhone by blacklist that is performed by some people, however, There is no guarantee and I do not advise anyone.. That's because there can be the unlocking in one day and the other the iPhone be blocked again by the holder.

For example, let's say you bought an iPhone for R$ 150.00 without knowing it was stolen. When you realize that the device does not have a network, you make the blacklist query and discover that the device is blocked due to theft. Knowing this, you pay someone to unlock it. However, the first owner (which was stolen) decides to block again. Finally, you will have to redo the unlock.

In this type of lock, there is no easy solution. If the block was requested by someone you know (ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, ex-wife, mother, father or other), you can chat with the person so that there is no other block. Now if the smartphone was really stolen, there is nothing to do.

Agora vamos passar algumas dicas sobre iPhone bloqueado para proprietário do celular.

I forgot my cell phone password, now what? Using wrong password multiple times

Don't worry, I already forgot my iCloud email and password.

O Using wrong password multiple times on cell phone results in phone lock. Just miss 6 times and you will have the device locked. If when entering the password the message appears “iPhone inactive”, this will confirm that the device has been locked.

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You may be wondering: what does iPhone idle mean? It is actually the temporary lock message due to wrong password usage.

When this happens, you no longer have access to the device menu and can only use emergency calling.

What happens when an iPhone is locked by passcode?

Recebemos diversas mensagens sobre iPhone bloqueado pelo proprietário. O bloqueio do iPhone pelo uso incorreto da senha ocorre quando você tenta inserir uma senha errada 6 vezes seguidas. Isso é bem comum, pois você pode acabar esquecendo a senha ou alguém próximo a você pode tentar acessar o dispositivo colocando a senha errada, sem saber que isso leva ao bloqueio do iPhone.

How to unlock inactive iPhone? How to restore iPhone locked by iTunes?

The only way to solve this problem is to restore iPhone and the entire system of your device, as iPhone locked in iTunes is a little more complicated. One of them is to restore iPhone through iTunes knowing the passcode. This is because there is no simple way to how to recover iPhone unlock password. In this case, you need to connect the iPhone to the iTunes Store and perform all restoration steps. See the complete step-by-step how to restore your locked phone. And if the iPhone only stays on the iTunes screen or you want to restart the iPhone stuck, you can also follow the tips below.

  1. Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable and open iTunes if it doesn't open automatically;
  2. In the sidebar right click on iPhone and select the option "Backup";
  3. Once this is done, wait until the backup is complete and then select the option "To restore";
  4. If the computer displays a error message saying that you need to enter the password to restore your smartphone, you will have to restart your phone. In this case, disconnect the device from the USB cable and turn off the iPhone.
  5. Once that's done, hold down the button "Start" pressed while connecting the device to the cable again. You must keep the button pressed until it appears “Connect to iTunes”. Once that's done, click "To restore".

Cell phone lock done by iCloud

iPhone iCloud locked this type occurs when the iPhone is restored, however, after restoring the system, Apple login and password are requested. If you tried to access your iPhone and a message appears asking you to enter your login and password, be aware that it is locked by Find my Phone or iCloud. Then follow the below tips on how to unlock iPhone locked by iCloud.

What happens when an iPhone is locked by iCloud?

The iPhone with iCloud lock is common for devices released after the iOS 7 update. This is because Apple started to use a user protection system where it is necessary to enter login and password if the device is restored.

Is there a way to lock an iPhone using iCloud?

This measure is intended to protect the user in case the device is stolen or lost. In that case, whoever finds the smartphone will be able to know how to reset iphone locked the system, but it will be locked on the iCloud login and password screen.

How to unlock iCloud cell phone? Forgot iPhone passcode how to unlock?

Unfortunately there is no way to unlock iPhone with iCloud locked. There's a lot promising how to unlock inactive iPhone by iCloud, but it's not something to be trusted. The ideal is to enter login and password, if you do not remember these data, it is very difficult unlock icloud. Or just making contact with an authorized Apple with the device note.

So there is no way to recover locked iCloud?

What can you do, If you forgot your iCloud login and password, is to take the locked device along with the purchase invoice of the device to an Apple store and assistance and request the iCloud iPhone unlock.

Any other method that promises to unlock iCloud is unfeasible and will not have positive results. That's because the latest iOS system updates have made it even more difficult to access user data if the device is restored.

Finally, I hope the previous tips have helped you in some way, whether finding the type of blockage or solving your problem. Therefore, Leave your comment, doubt and share this content.

Another common question that I sometimes receive and I didn't mention it above in the article.

How to erase Apple ID? I forgot my Apple ID how to recover?

I once received an email wanting to know how to find the Apple ID password, the way is quite simple. I will explain how to recover forgotten Apple ID.

If you've lost your Apple ID or forgotten your password, follow these tips. In case you don't know you need your Apple ID to use iTunes, iCloud, Apple Music, iMessage and App Store.

What to do when you forget your Apple ID?

Open the settings option:

meu id apple
I forgot my apple id

Click on the person's name at the top:

Como recuperar ID Apple esquecido
How to know my iPhone ID

Now click on the password and security option:

Como ativar a conta do ID Apple
What to do when you forget your password

Now click on change password:

id apple login
how to find apple id and password

Now you need to pay attention. It will ask you to enter your phone code. After putting this code on the next screen you will have the option to put a new password and confirm the new password. Then hit click change at the top.

I bought an iPhone, everything is normal, but when I try to download an App it asks for my email and password and I don't know what it was.

Calm down, this has nothing to do with what I mentioned above in the article and it's not blocking. The email and password are from iTunes, always to download Apps it is necessary to have an iTunes account which is free.

Now that you've learned how to restore an inactive iPhone, put it to work.

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