iPhone SE or Samsung Galaxy S10e?

In a world where top-of-the-line cell phones are getting bigger, it is difficult to choose a good device that is not a famous brick.

cell phone review

And this is exactly what I'm going to show today for those interested in buying a new one. smartphone.

Even though it's not the top of the line iPhone, it's the most compact we've seen recently, with the Android model that comes closest to its size being the Galaxy S10e.

Between the war of the remarkable small cell phones, which one will win?

That's what you'll discover in this comparative (review) between: Samsung Galaxy S10e – iPhone SE.

Putting the two side by side, it is undeniable that the iPhone SE looks like an older cell phone, even though it is a 2020 release. and help make it cheaper and get it, offer an iPhone with top-of-the-line hardware at an intermediate price of the Android competitor.

iPhone SE it has much wider bezels for the current standard while the Samsung S10e has a much larger front-facing screen. You have an inch more in a body of almost the same size. The S10e is just half a centimeter taller. And a little wider.

iphone se
iPhone SE

It is slightly thicker, but weighs about the same as the iPhone. Both have a metal body with a glass back, and the young audience who enjoys brighter colors can choose the red iPhone or the yellow S10e.

In terms of biometrics, we have differences: the iPhone has the late Touch ID with a button below the screen, while the Samsung has the fingerprint reader on the right side.

What is the best cell phone?

On the iPhone side, it's not only more practical, but also more user-friendly (in my opinion) and much more accurate and agile than the Galaxy's. The S10e still has the disadvantage of being in a bad position for left-handers. Other technologies are practically the same on both devices, only the water resistance is superior on the Galaxy and the headphone jack that is not present on the iPhone.

As the Galaxy only loses in biometrics for some, the iPhone takes the first point here.

We come to the most controversial part of our comparison which phone has the best screen?

The Galaxy features a Dynamic AMOLED panel with Full HD+ resolution, while the iPhone comes with an IPS LCD retina display and HD+ resolution.

We can give victory to the Samsung phone at this point because it has higher resolution, it doesn't mean better image quality, but in this case the S10e wins. Its screen has superior brightness when in auto mode, and it also displays colors closer to perfection if you use the natural profile.

If you prefer saturated colors that pop off the screen, the profile to choose from exists. In the sound part, we already have the opposite – both use the two loudspeakers, to stereo sound output and on iPhone IF we have a more powerful volume, and much better with a balance between mid bass and treble.

The Galaxy lacks in the treble which makes the sound more muffled. The headset that comes with the Samsung model is much better and more comfortable, but the iPhone delivers much more sound power, being more suitable for those who have a more advanced headset.

review samsung
Galaxy S10e

The bad thing about the iPhone is that it doesn't have a P2 input and it doesn't even come with the adapter in the box. We give the S10e point for having a better screen and an extra point in the sound part.

Another controversial point is the system: is it better to have a more advanced software that only does the basics or one, full of features that you may never use in your life?

The iPhone SE focuses on the essentials and does it very well.

For those who are addicted to social networks like Instagram, iOS is still better than Android. If you want to have greater control over your cell phone and be able to configure it, everything to make it exactly how you like it, here the Galaxy wins easy.

It is possible to change the face of the system using other themes and the screen resolution and you can equalize the sound and even interact with other Samsung products natively through the One Ui itself. The problem is that the S10e should only receive one more update, from Android while the iPhone SE will be supported by Apple for many years to come.

Each software has its pros and cons and, therefore, we give a tie in this regard. The national S10e comes with the Exynos 9820 and the iPhone Se brings the A13 Bionic, the same present in the iPhone 11. Samsung's hardware has a faster processor while Apple's has a more powerful GPU.

Which delivers better cellular performance?

In our standardized speed test the SE was 12s faster. This means you not only spend less time waiting for an app to load, you also have a better multitasking experience.

In benchmarks, the Apple model also comes out ahead with higher scores and in the case of the test it even gives a difference of 30%.

And which is the best mobile phone for gaming?

Here once again we see the superiority of iOS for not only delivering impeccable fluidity, but even the graphic quality of some games is better than their Android versions.

The problem is that playing games on such a small screen is not as comfortable as the Samsung model. It's the iPhone SE gets a point for having better overall performance. A point where the iPhone 8 disappoints is the battery and the iPhone SE is no different.

As much as the new model is more efficient in hardware, its small battery is little for today.

The S10E is a little better at this, but it doesn't quite impress in terms of autonomy either. The difference is that the Samsung phone comes with a more powerful charger, and accelerated charging support, which makes it fully recharge your battery in half the time of the iPhone.

You can even buy an 18-Watt charger for the SE, but it will be an extra expense that you won't have with the Galaxy and with that we give the S10e double point. Apple needs to review this in the future, but the trend is to no longer have a charger in the box.

In terms of camera, which phone has the best?

Both have a 12 MP sensor on the back, what changes is that the Galaxy S10e has a variable aperture and manages to do better in places with lower lighting.

If you shoot more at night, you'll prefer the Samsung phone. In places with good lighting, both do well, both in terms of detail and in color capture, it is really difficult to choose which one is the best.

The advantage for Samsung's is that it has camera secondary camera with a wide-angle lens, which allows you to record more of the scenery and include more people in the photos. And that's why we give the Galaxy victory for having the most versatile camera.

On the front it may also seem that the Galaxy takes advantage of having higher resolution, but when it comes to selfies Apple usually does a much better job, whereas Samsung and the iPhone SE really excel at capturing more skin details, having more assertive contrast and a much higher dynamic range.

If you're a fan of Portrait Mode, you'll also prefer the iPhone. The blur effect looks more professional, although neither has a dedicated depth sensor. Of course, the clipping is not without flaws, but in general we have better results in the model of the apple.

And we give the iPhone a point for being better for selfies. Another point that Apple also does well is the camcorder. Both allow you to record videos in up to 4K at 60 FPS, but the iPhone does it with superior quality.

iPhone features less blur and the focus is as agile as the rival. On the front it is limited to just Full HD while the S10e records in 4K, but the SE also shoots with better quality and has stabilization, which impresses and makes a lot more expensive phone with envy.

In the sound part, both record stereo audio with good quality. And we close the part of cameras with, one more point for the iPhone. Outside the iPhone SE would get the best price over the Galaxy S10e, but here in Brazil the story is different.

But of course the choice is in your hands and I tried to help you find the best options for both models.

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