My iPhone won't turn on. And now?

O your iPhone won't turn on? We have the right tip for you: What to do when your iPhone won't turn on? This problem is quite common my iPhone is on, but with a black screen.

iPhone does not turn on what to do? iPhone won't turn on anymore goes into despair?

And now what to do iPhone charges, but does not turn on and wants to use yours urgently apps? Or iPhone does not turn on, just appears apple and turns off? Well let's go to another tutorial for some of these, problems even though it is a problem in the accessory.

What to do when iPhone won't turn on or restarts by itself?

Were you using your iPhone as usual and when you pick it up to use it, it's off? Does it restart by itself? Doesn't turn on, doesn't respond to the on/off button or home? Worse still: It doesn't charge when plugged into the USB connector or when it charges it stays turning off alone?

Stay calm if this happens to you, maybe it's something simple to solve!

Today I'm going to talk about the most frequently asked questions:

mine iphone does not load
my cell phone doesn't charge
my phone won't charge
my iphone won't charge

the first step is plug your iPhone into the USB connector on a power supply or the USB of a computer. This is not mandatory, you can also try without connecting to the power supply, we only advise you to do so to eliminate two probabilities at once, in case it is really out of battery. After that, let's try to perform a Reset reset on your iPhone:

How to Reset Pre-iPhone 7 Models

  • Hold the power button (on/off, lock, on/off etc) together with the Home button for approximately 30 seconds.

How to Reset iPhone 7 or Later Models

  • Hold the power button (on/off, lock, on/off etc) together with the Volume Down button (Volume -) for approximately 30 seconds.

Once the apple symbol appears, you can release the buttons and your iPhone will probably turn on in a few seconds. Rest assured, nothing is erased, your iPhone will only reboot.

If you don't know which buttons are mentioned, just follow the image below:

O que fazer quando o iPhone fica com a tela preta
How to recover parts of the touch that stopped working on iPhone

What to do when iPhone gets black screen? Or iPhone heats up and won't turn on

Is your iPhone not turning on? In the image above we show how to Reset all iPhone models and go back to factory software. On models up to 5S the Power Button is on top, on models 6 to 6S+ the Power is on the side and on 7 the Reset is done with the Side Power and Lower Volume.

After holding down your iPhone's Home and Power buttons for a while, it should show the home screen. You can release the buttons if it appears and wait an average of 2 minutes for the iPhone to restart.

O que fazer quando uma parte do Touch não funciona
When iPhone Touch ID Does Not Work

When your iPhone won't turn on, the first thing to try is Reset. Hold the informed buttons until it shows the Apple Boot screen.

My cell phone is not charging. Is my iPhone having a problem?

No, your iPhone has no problem. This is a common mistake.

My phone says it's charging, but it doesn't. Why did this happen?

The iPhone is like any machine with an operating system, subject to bugs and system crashes. In the same way that a computer can crash and freeze, the same can happen with the iPhone.

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The difference is that the iPhone is most of the time with the screen off, which ends up giving the impression that it is “off”, but in fact it is just not responding to commands.

Because I had to hold both buttons, what does that mean?

By holding the power and home button, you force the iPhone to restart. If it is stuck and does not respond to commands, it will restart and everything goes back to normal. In the same way that you can unplug a microcomputer and turn it on again, you can simulate the same situation with the iPhone with this procedure.

Cell phone recognizes the charger, but does not charge even following the steps. What do I do?

Did you follow the reset procedure but your iPhone still won't turn on? In this case you should try the following:

  • Leave your phone charging connected to the charging cable for 10 minutes and try again. It can happen that it is out of battery and that's why it's not giving any signal.
  • If it still doesn't work, leave it plugged in for at least 1 hour and try again.
  • If it still doesn't work, your iPhone may have some other, more serious problem. In this case, see below in the index if any other option fits your case. Otherwise, skip straight to the last option at the bottom of the page.

One of my buttons (Home or Power) doesn't work, how to reset?

If any of the two buttons don't work, you have two options:

  1. Take it to an assistance that gives an internal reset (usually it will open, take out and put back your iPhone battery).
  2. Take it to an assistance to fix this faulty button.
  3. Wait an average of 2 days until the your iPhone battery completely drain and then plug it into the outlet (There's no way to guarantee that this will work, it's a long shot).

It worked? Great! We are super happy that it worked out. We only ask for one thing in return: We've spent a good few hours making this article and we just ask that if your iPhone starts working again, that you help us out. commenting below and sharing this page on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social network. It would help us a lot and I would share this page with other people with the same problem.

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