What to Do When Your iPhone Shuts Down by itself

We can get scared when this happens, it's really not something normal but this problem is simple to solve. So, what to do when your iPhone turns itself off?

My cell phone turns itself off, what to do? My iPhone appears the apple and turns off what to do?

I usually get the following questions:

iPhone 6s turning off by itself with charge
iPhone 6s shutting down unexpectedly
iPhone 5c turning off by itself with charge
iPhone 4s shutting down by itself

When iPhone turns itself off what could it be? What to do when iPhone turns off out of nowhere? iPhone turning off by itself with charge what is it?

There are several factors and I will go through the most basic tips that you can try, even when the phone of the black screen when loading the system and let's talk about this today, even about iPhone shutting down with load.

Cell phone turning off by itself with load what to do? Connect iPhone to charger

iPhone shutting down with charge 20% what to do? If your iPhone turns off suddenly, you need to check first if it had enough battery, so the first step is to connect the iPhone to the charger.

another factor iPhone discharging by itself could be a problem with the charger or battery addicted. If your iPhone turns off suddenly, you need to check first if it had enough battery, so the first step is to connect the iPhone to the charger. another factor iPhone discharging by itself could be a problem with the charger or battery addicted.

My iPhone turns off with 20% charging, but it's a problem with the battery in this case it's changing the battery. When it's discharging fast, you need to check battery, test with another charger and disable unnecessary apps.

How to fix iPhone turning off by itself and warming up

Tenorshare ReiBoot is an iOS error correction software that can fix more than 50 common errors in Apple's operating system. Tenorshare ReiBoot allows you to enter and exit recovery mode with one keystroke, and it can also solve the problem of your iPhone 6 turning off by itself with charge quickly and easily.

iPhone desligando sozinho
iPhone Reboot

Sometimes it is necessary to hard reset iphone and you will learn what to do when iphone is restarting by itself.

How to reset iPhone off

The iPhone takes a while to turn on when it is completely out of battery and connected to the power source, the correct thing is to wait a little + - 10 minutes and not despair. The iPhone will not respond until it has enough power to do so.

If you try to force the iPhone by turning on the power button on the iPhone, it may not respond, but that does not mean that your phone is idle. Let it charge longer, then it will turn on on its own.

Now if it has been connected for a long time, for example more than 1 hour to the charger, and it still doesn't respond, you should follow the next step: force a restart.

Restart iPhone – iPhone turns off by itself on charge

iPhone turns off with charge 20% what could it be? This is the second step you must take. Many say that restarting the iPhone solves up to 80% of some minor software glitches. Force restarting your iPhone is a very simple thing that does not result in any loss for your mobile. Press the power button, the one on the top of your device, and together with it press the middle button for a few seconds without releasing it until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Hold the two buttons together so it resets and not shuts down. See the photo below:

O que fazer quando o iPhone liga e desliga toda hora
Because the cell phone heats up and turns off by itself

Install the latest OS version – Phone restarting by itself

This advice should be followed for any device that uses an operating system. If we do not update our iPhone, many problems can happen, it may become slower and slower, it may compromise the camera, it will stop opening applications and even turn off by itself.

Looking to buy a new iPhone? Read our tips: cheap iphone

If you have a problem that occurs frequently and you haven't updated your device, the most correct thing would be to do the latest software update. In addition to fixing all the bugs, new features will appear. Doing the installation is really necessary to give our device a UP and solve annoying problems.

Reset iPhone – Reset iPhone

You performed all the tips above and still iphone restarting alone the problem persists, what to do?

Now is the time to restore the iPhone, doing this will clean the entire device of any and all problems, restoring the iPhone will eliminate any software problems that may exist. The best way to restore iPhone is from iTunes, read the following steps and find out how to restore your iPhone:

  • Connect your iPhone to computer with the lighting cable
  • Open iTunes (if it doesn't open automatically)
  • Select your device
  • In the right window choose the 'Restore' option. This will download the entire system from Apple's servers and install it on your device.
  • Your iPhone will be like new, backup will not be done in this option as the problem can be dragged along with your documents

Your device has now been restored. I recommend that you move all your important information and documents to the cloud so you don't miss anything important.

If none of this works and you still don't know what to do when your iphone suddenly shuts down, you should look and do contact with some specialized assistance from Apple to try to solve the problem, with a qualified technician and explain cell phone turning off by itself.

Another point of help is our official Apple website https://support.apple.com/pt-br/HT203122

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