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Now that you understand better about this device and saw how much it is able to make your day to day much easier and more comfortable, it is very likely that your desire to acquire a model from the company has increased much more.

Alexa pricing

However, do you know how much an Alexa costs? This is a question you most likely have. But, in this regard, know that the value will depend on the version you intend to purchase, given that the functions are different between the models.

The newer the Alexa you're looking to buy, the more expensive it tends to be. After all, it must have much newer technology. So, to know the values, one must make this evaluation.

Echo Show 10 – Promoção Echo Show 10: Smart Display HD – PromoçãoEcho Dot (4ª geração) – Promoção

But, to facilitate this procedure, in the topics below we will show the value of some models from Amazon. Check out!

Echo Dot third generation

This is the entry model, being one of the simplest that the company has. Therefore, it does not offer as much robustness as the other options. However, if you just need a simpler version, this one might come in handy.

Alexa and its advantages

The Echo Dot third generation It has 1 speaker of 1.6 inches, being a better choice for smaller environments. Other than that, it holds a simple but beautiful design. Its value permeates the range of R$315.00, more or less.

Echo Dot fourth generation

On the other hand, the fourth generation of the Echo Dot, which also has Alexa integration, holds some very noticeable changes in its look. This version comes in a sphere model, which is very reminiscent of a snow globe.

Alexa Echo DOT
Alexa Echo DOT 4

It is more discreet and blends in well with the environment. In this case, the version has an AZ1 Neural Edge chip, which results in a much faster response and execution. However, its sound is a little “flattened”, which does not please many users.

Its value, however, is in the range of R$365.00, which has a version that includes a digital clock built into the front, which is a little more expensive.

New fourth generation Echo

This is an overhaul of the previous model. Therefore, their look is very similar, but it is possible to choose different colors. In addition, its sound is a little better, given that it has the possibility of much greater audio.

Echo Studio – Promoção Novo Echo Show 8 – PromoçãoNovo Echo Show 5 – Promoção

In addition, the version supports Dolby Audio, unlike the previous model. So, if you value good sound quality, this is a good choice. Regarding its value, you can find it from R$674.10.

Echo Studio

Echo Studio is already a model of Alexa-integrated virtual assistant which has a slightly higher value. And this happens because, as you might expect, it has more robust configurations than the others.

review alexa Alexa Echo Studio
Alexa Echo Studio

In addition to being compatible with Dolby Atmos, which creates a cinematic audio experience for your home, the Echo Studio also supports the Zigbee smart home hub. Thus, it allows you to control a number of functions without relying on Wi-Fi.

Due to this fact, this is one of the most expensive versions of the company, given that its price starts at R$1614.05

Echo Show 5

The Echo Show 5 is a good alternative for those who want to have a current device, but without paying too much for it. We can say that it is an intermediate version, but it has some very interesting features.

Echo Dot (3ª Geração) – Promoção Echo Dot (4ª geração) – PromoçãoEcho (4ª Geração) – Promoção

It is possible to find the model from R$499.00, which has a 1 MP camera and 1 speaker with a power of 4 W.

Echo Show 8

The Echo Show 8 is a more current version of the previous one. Because of this, your screen is much more powerful for displaying data and photos. In addition, through this model, it is possible to request that the Alexa play movies or series.

Echo Show 8
Echo Show 8

And, for those who value good resolution and high sound quality, it is certainly a great alternative. After all, its screen is 8 inches and has a resolution of 1280 to 800 pixels, something that delivers a very satisfying result.

In addition to its 1 MP camera and 2 2″ speakers, the device has 10 W per channel. Regarding its price, you can find it from R$854.05.

Echo Show 10

Another improved version of the previous model. In this case, the Echo Show 10 has a 10.1-inch screen, as well as a much more powerful speaker than all the previous ones. Therefore, it is a great option for larger environments.

Echo Dot (4ª Geração) – Promoção Echo Show 15 – PromoçãoEcho Dot (3ª Geração) – Promoção

That's because its sound system has 2 tweeters of 1 inch, and it has 5 W of power per channel. In addition, there are 3-inch woofers and 35 W. That is, one of the best options for those who like to watch movies, series and listen to quality music.

And, as a bonus, the model is a great device for video calling as it holds a camera. In relation to its price, it is around R$1,800.00.

Echo Show 15

It is also a more current version than the previous model, but the big difference is in relation to the design. This model is inspired by the concept of a tablet, since it has a connection to the Alexa voice assistant.

Echo Show 15
Echo Show 15

But, in this version, it stopped being a desktop device to occupy a wall. This is because its look is the same as a picture frame. That is, it is much more discreet, which combines very well with any environment, in addition to making it more famous and functional.

Regarding its screen, as expected, it has 15.6 inches, in addition to the fact that it has a resolution of 1980 x 1080 pixels. You can leave the model hanging on the wall or install it with the support that comes with the model.

In this case, it is possible to leave it on a table or a shelf. In terms of value, it is around R$1,800.05, more or less.

Fire Stick TV Lite

In fact, it's not exactly a virtual assistant, but as it has Alexa connection, it is interesting to talk about this alternative. After all, the Fire Stick has always been a great choice for those who want access to multiple streaming services.

Through the Fire Stick you have Alexa integration, which makes your television even smarter. Through the remote control, it is possible to activate the voice system to search for content and services.

Echo Dot (3ª Geração) – Promoção Echo Dot (4ª geração) – PromoçãoEcho (4ª Geração) – Promoção

Then, when you press the button, just say what you want, like “Open Netflix” or “HBO channel” and the like. You can find this model on Amazon, starting at R$236.55.

Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Stick FHD

This model allows the user to install applications from streaming like Apple TV+, Prime Video, Netflix among others. In addition, the Fire TV Stick allows search results to appear right on your TV screen, without the need for an Echo Show.

Fire TV Stick FHD
Fire TV Stick FHD

You can find the model for sale on Amazon itself, which has a value of R$360.05. However, if you want a slightly lower model, but still with good features, the Fire Stick FHD has an average value of R$236.00.

And the only difference between the two models is in relation to the image resolution quality, which are respectively 4k/UHD or 1080p/Full HD.

Fire TV Voice Remote with Alexa 

This device, on the other hand, allows the user to turn on or off a TV and other equipment that is compatible with the technology, such as peripherals. Even when you buy one of the two latest models - Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Stick 4K - it comes right out of the box.

Regarding the remote control, it has specific buttons for volume, mute, return, home and others that are already common for users who have been using smart TV for some time. However, the model offers even more than that.

The company's flagship has voice command to locate and control content. That is, when you press the button, just say the name of the channel or movie you want to watch. Additionally, the controller holds dedicated buttons for Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and Amazon Music.

In addition, it is worth noting that you can buy the device separately. In this case, it costs around R$179.00 on Amazon.

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