How to know if iPhone screen is genuine

In the time we live in, where everything that breaks can be replaced, everything is not always reliable.

Difference between original and parallel screen

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Original iPhone 8 Display

Original iPhone x Display

Display iPhone xs max original

Display iPhone xs max original

When the cost benefit of the broken product is high, the idea of repairing, or replacing only a part and not the whole object comes to mind. And where this happens most, are with cell phones.

We drop it on the floor, leave it in the sun, wear it out over time or drop a little water at one time the device can't take it, and one of the parts that are most exchanged are the screens that crack and break frequently.

But how to know if the cell phone screen is original?

Since counterfeit products have taken over the market, we often wonder how to know if the cell phone is original, imagine the parts we exchange for them.

How to know if the cell phone screen is original?

We are going to explain how to know if the screen is original and we are going to tell you that more than 70% of iPhones screens exchanged in repair shops and stores like this, THEY ARE NOT ORIGINAL! And most of the time a much smaller screen will be used than it should be.

First of all, taking your cell phone to reliable technical assistance decreases the chances of your iPhone screen being faked, don't just stay on the search to know the price, but also if the store is reliable.

Mas como saber se o celular é original
How to know if the cell phone screen is original

At iPhone screens are designed together with iOS software to improve product quality and performance. Pirated screens can have compatibility issues and interfere with the performance of the device, for example, if there is an iOS software update and the screen is one of the updates, the device may have problems as iOS is not properly connected to the non-genuine screen .

The Multi- touch may fail on parts of the screen, touches may not register, or may happen in a different place than requested. Loss or reduction of light sensor function and problems with screen brightness and colors or battery consumption may arise.

iPhone 11 and later models warn you if there is a possibility that the screen is not original, just access:

  • enter settings
  • General Option
  • tap about
  • Wait for the message to appear

If the message that appears is saying that this iPhone cannot be verified for a genuine Apple display, the chances of your display being fake are almost 100%.

How to know if the cell phone is genuine?

If you bought your device cell phone in stores unqualified, or suspicious, or even on untrustworthy sites on the internet, it may be that the screen is not the only fake one. The cell phone may not be original, despite having paid the real value.

But how to know if the cell phone is original? Simple.

Buying in official stores is always the best guarantee to acquire a quality and original product.

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If you choose other stores, be wary of values far below the common, promotions exist, but ultra discounts cannot be taken seriously.

Check the technical specifications of the device, all models are standardized, the cameras, dimensions and designs are always the same, if the model presented has any kind of change in relation to the device disclosed by the brand, be suspicious you are probably being deceived.

Another simple and practical option is to consult the IMEI and serial number of your device.

To find the number, just look in the box, invoice or SIM card tray.

If not, type *#06# on your numeric keypad, and the codes will automatically appear on your screen.

now it's just

  • Access the website
  • Enter the Anatel tab
  • Now click on “Check the status of your mobile device here”
  • Enter the IMEI number”
  • A message will appear that your device has been approved and tested by Anatel

Originality confirmed!

If your device is an iPhone, try the multitasking feature, the device is designed to perform simultaneous tasks without compromising use, if the process slows down or crashes, your device is probably counterfeit.

Another way to know if the cell phone is original, in the case of the iPhone, is to check its memory capacity, taking into account that from the iPhone 7 onwards Apple has at least 32GB, if they offer a memory less than that, do not accept , because that device is pirated.

Today's article was about how to know if the iPhone screen is original, for questions comment below.

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