The third generation of the iPhone SE has arrived

Apple introduced the third generation iPhone SE with basically few changes.

It seems that Apple manufacturers took the same device and included only the new A 15 Bionic chip, with 5G support and increased battery life.

iPhone SE 2022 design hasn't changed

As usual, Apple hasn't changed the design of the iPhone SE 2022, compared to the previous one, in addition to some finishing details, which have changed little, such as weight and the most advanced chip.

Which means you can't tell if it's the second generation iPhone or if it is the new one of the third generation, neither the colors have been changed, have the same colors, black, white and red and the sizes are also the same.

What can be taken into account, for those looking for a compact cell phone, is that the iPhone 13 mini is a little smaller than the iPhone SE, despite having a larger screen. To attract consumers to another generation of cell phones, what makes the difference is Touch ID.

In terms of finish, the iPhone SE 2020 met expectations, the device has glass, front and back, with aerospace aluminum on the sides.

iPhone SE 3rd generation is IP67 certified, HD resolution, LCD panel

It is IP67 water and dust resistant and can withstand a depth of one meter for up to thirty minutes underwater.

The panel that bears the name of Retina HD named by Apple, which is an IPS LCD with HD resolution. The density is greater than 300 pixels per inch.

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The LCD Panel does not completely erase any pixels, the black becomes gray and dark.

The brightness is also less intense on the iPhone SE, than it already exists on the OLED screen model.

The maximum rate is 625 nits, which is enough to see the content, through sunlight, but the visibility is impaired.

In short, the screen is good, but compared to the quality of other Apple phones, it leaves something to be desired.

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